About Blake


Blake Zucker, age 20, began his artistic journey at age 5…2 1/2 years after being diagnosed with autism. He did not yet have the words to express his inner self and boundless creativity, he chose to communicate through art.

Blake  began painting with a natural ease and enthusiasm. His  inventiveness led him to explore materials in unconventional ways, such as when he retrieved a butter knife to use as a palette knife from the  kitchen.  His mother then realized at that moment Blake was truly an artist.  Blake’s mom provided him  with as many art supplies as possible so he could further explore. Blake’s world then became full of  colors.

Beyond painting, Blake developed an enduring passion for ceramic pottery.  He began exhibiting his art  at age 7.  Blake’s artworks have been shown in galleries and museums in several locations, including New York city and closer to home in Michigan. His artworks inspire people around the world.

With art came more verbal language and a self-actualized sense of purpose. Blake discovered profound ways to express himself as the unique individual he is.

Blake’s passion for creating art continues to evolve as he grows.  Blake has always been inspired by the  beauty of nature, which is reflected in many of his artworks.

Now a young man,  Blake Zucker exemplifies how creativity, persistence and compassion can break  boundaries and expectations.  He is bilingual in Hebrew and English, he attends community college  part-time and drives independently!  Blake continues to experiment and refine new art techniques fueled  by his curiosity and love.